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We Make Your Office Sparkle!

Consistent quality, time after time

Commercial Cleaning

We at Sparkle Edge Cleaning are not your average commercial cleaning company.  We start any client job by listening to the client, understanding what they want done, and how they expect the job to be completed.

This assures the client is consistently satisfied with our efforts.

We aim to please.  Once we have your requirements, we set up checklists for our cleaners so there is no question what they are responsible to do in your office or commercial property.  My job, as the owner, is to monitor the success of our cleaning personnel and to make sure you, our client, are completely satisfied. Not just the first time but time and time again.

Happy Clients' Offices


A great cleaning company is one that you never see and rarely talk to.  They do their work when the office is closed and yet you can trust that everything is handled.  Amy Hardy and her crew are one such company.  The job always gets done and you know they’ve been there because the office is sparkly clean the next day.  And even though we rarely talk in person, Amy is always responsive to an e-mail or a phone call.  I highly recommend them!

Elizabeth Bridgewater

Community Development Partnership

I’ve been a customer of Sparkle Edge Cleaning at my office for many years. I work hard and play hard and cleanliness has no compromises. With 35 employees and a ton of traffic, the office always looks great.  Amy and her crew respond to my needs and willingly respond should special occasions arise.

Shawn DeLude

I use Sparkle Edge's services in my law office.  I have found Amy to be the consummate professional – she is personable, accommodating and thorough.  She is on time and always contacts me if her staff is going to be late, and she often requests feedback on her services.  Amy is also insured and has a trustworthy staff.  I am very comfortable having her staff in my office.  I highly recommend Amy for cleaning services, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Maureen Shea

West Yarmouth

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