Our Staff


Amy Babineau-Hardy – Owner, Operator
Amy is the founder of Sparkle Edge Cleaning and comes to you with 16 plus years of experience.  Amy’s dedication and attention to detail as well as communication with her clients has allowed this company to grow and thrive!  Amy continually strives to better herself in all areas of her life.  Amy has a variety of passions including her 2 beautiful labs, Haylie & Kallie and her husband Brian of course!  Physical fitness is also very important to Amy and she gets her exercise at Phase 2 Fitness  where you will find her doing a crossfit or a striking class.  Amy’s newest passion is riding her new Harley on the rare occasion we can get her to take a day off!
Brian Hardy – Owner, Operater Commercial Division & Window Washing / Gutter Cleaning
Having been a loyal employee of a heavy equipment company for over 29 years, Brian brings his experience and dedication as well as meticulous work ethic to this newfound division. Brian continues to build these divisions and the possibilities for growth have proven to be endless!  Brian also handles all window washing and gutter cleaning jobs.  Brian is an avid mountain biker.  He also enjoys working out at the gym and gets his cardio in by letting his dog Haylie take him for a walk!
Asheley Babineau – Billing Department
Amy’s daughter Asheley, was born into this business. Asheley’s passion for fitness has taken her down a different business road as well as works in the billing department part time.  Besides striking and martial arts training, Asheley has completed her Cross Fit Certification and is now a “Level 1 CrossFit Trainer”  She is currently going to school at SNHU majoring in health promotions.  If you can’t find Asheley at work, chances are you will find her at Phase II Fitness in Yarmouth, Ma kicking butt!  All this hard work has led to over a 80lb. weight loss!  Her other passions include her 2 labs, Haylie & Kallie.
Shellie Parent –  Manager
Shellie is an all around true assett to Sparkle Edge.  She is dependable and trustworthy, two of our key core values as Sparkle Edge Cleaning.  Shellie’s responsibilities include administrative tasks as well as inventory tracking and organizing team supplies for our 100+ changeovers every Saturday, as well as overseeing the cleaning staff.  When Shellie isn’t hard at work she is working hard at SNHU where she is majoring in Business with concentration on Human Resources.  Shellie’s newest passion is Crossfit and she is currently training at Phase 2 Fitness in Yarmouth.  Above all , Shellie’s the most passionate about puppies and babies…you can’t keep her away from them!   
Nicole Lavelle –  Cleaning Team
Nicole is a joy to be around.  She always has a smile on her face and ready to work. She is an exceptional team player and gets along with everyone.  She is a proud mother of 2 beautiful children who are her pride and joy.  If she is not at work, you can almost guarantee she is spending time with her children.  We appreciate what you bring to our team.
Cameron Drew –  Window Washing & Gutters Division
Cameron is one of the easiest going employees we have.  He is an absolute joy to be around and always ready to bring his “A” game.  We are very lucky to have him working in our Window Washing & Gutters Division,  If Cameron isn’t hard at work, you might find him studying at Cape Cod Community College.  If he brings his positive, upbeat attitude with him wherever he goes then the sky is the limit!
Cameron Drew1
Cheyenne Gingras –  Cleaning Team
Cheyenne is a terrific employee and brings her positive upbeat manner to work everyday.   She is a team player to the core and that is why she fits in here so well at Sparkle Edge Cleaning.   She is always ready to lend a helping hand and brings a smile with it.  Cheyenne is an avid dog lover so when she gets to the office every morning with that smile on her face, it may have something to do with being greeted by our mascots Haylie and Kallie!
Cheyenne Gingras1
Sheila Rice – Project Manager, Cape Linen Rentals
Sheila brings vast experience to Cape Linen Rentals.  She retired from Verizon as project manager.  Hands down Sheila is hands down the most organized of all of us!  Since Sheila’s arrival we have tripled our Linen Rental Business and she now manages the entire operation with a smile on her face.  When she isn’t working she enjoys the beach and her adorable grandchildren Hailey & Ava.
Sheila Rice